Bitcoin Cash en-routes for an Upsurge; BCH Price Hangs Around $282

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) upsurge astounds the intraday traders.
  • The price movement indicates a breach of the immediate resistance level.

Bitcoin Cash’s price movement was seen inconsistent in yesterday’s chart. There were quite a few pickups and downs that lead to a moderate loss in the intraday price movement of the BCH coin. However, today, the movement in the price is quite stable and is directed towards a profitable closing.

The future of Bitcoin Cash is great. The traders can expect a colossal profit in the coming time.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

Yesterday, Bitcoin Cash started dealing at $281.8860. The coin fell to $278.248 by 1.29% drop. The price immediately picked up to $283.1790 by 1.77%. Later, the BCH coin felt a pullback that took the price down to $269.87 by 4.70%. Towards the last hours, BCH took a long leap and touched $280.61. The day ended at $280, with an intraday regression of 0.67%. Today, BCH is registering an uptrend, and it has registered a profit of 0.97% as of now. The counters changed from $280 to $282.71.

Bitcoin Cash Price
BCH Chart By TradingView

Bitcoin Cash price is currently dealing at $282.885. The uptrend in the coin is slowly moving towards the immediate resistance level of $284. It won’t be a surprise if the BCH coin breaches the next resistance level at $289. Here, take a look at the resistance and support levels:

Resistance LevelPrice
Support LevelPrice

The price movement in Bitcoin Cash is currently improving. There are strong indications that the currency would start reflecting voluminous growth in some time. BCH coin is recommended for long-term traders. The specified period would bring the desired result.

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